5 years of countless, sleepless nights, living on coffee and passing out on your laptops and tables, comes to a glorious end with every architecture students’ Thesis presentation. That feeling of pride while presenting your very first design completely handled by you from scratch, to a panel of jury members and faculties is unimaginable and we think every graduate is a testament to this statement. But after joining a reputed firm with projects and deadlines looming upon your head, what happens to that “very first design” of yours? Collecting dust, in a corner of your home, untouched, hogging up unwanted space. Sounds familiar? Archcult’19 wants to give you a platform to present your thesis once again, and this time, not just in front of your faculty and college, but in front of many other college students and faculties from all over India. Come, become an inspiration to various other aspiring students and relive your thesis once again!